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Meet the Team

Allyson IBCLC lactation consultant

Allyson Robertson

Allyson is a highly skilled board certified lactation consultant dedicated to empowering women and supporting breastfeeding in East Texas. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Texas at Tyler in 2009. She gained extensive experience on the maternal/newborn unit at Christus Trinity Mother Frances where she worked as a postpartum, newborn nurse and lactation consultant.

In 2016, Allyson founded Lactation Consultants of East Texas, offering vital support, guidance, and education to women navigating their breastfeeding journey. Drawing from her own breastfeeding challenges, she brings empathy and a unique perspective to her work. Allyson's commitment to ongoing professional development keeps her at the forefront off comprehensive care for breastfeeding dyads. She specializes in all aspects of infant feeding, oral restrictions/rehabilitation and low milk supply.

Beyond her professional achievements, Allyson cherishes her role as a mother to three children, alongside her loving husband of 20 years. 

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