Mother's Kiss

Lactation Consultants of East Texas work with a billing agency called "The Lactation Network" and they can preapprove lactation visits for clients with:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

  • Anthem PPO

  • Cigna PPO

Complete this form to check your eligibility.

The Lactation Network will then contact us both to notify us if your insurance covers lactation consultants. If they do we can continue with scheduling an appointment for a home or office visit. I will send you a link to fill out intake information and sign consent forms after approval.

If you have Aetna insurance, I am in network with them and can check your insurance benefits before scheduling. Please call ahead to verify (903) 521-3248

For insurance companies not listed above, I will provide you with a medical receipt after our appointment and you can submit that to your insurance company for reimbursement. Many insurance companies do reimburse for lactation services.

Remember, this is an investment for yourself and your baby. Don't let finances be a reason you don't seek professional help and support. If necessary, I can also set up a payment plan.